1: 1. Connect Roku device to your TV 2. Go to Settings and select Screen Mirroring 3. Enable screen mirroring on your device

2: 4. Open the screen mirroring feature on your phone 5. Select your Roku device from the list 6. Confirm the connection on both devices

3: 7. Your phone screen will now be mirrored to your TV 8. Use your phone to navigate and play videos 9. Enjoy streaming on a bigger screen

4: 10. Adjust settings like volume and display quality 11. Use screen mirroring for presentations and gaming 12. Disconnect by turning off screen mirroring

5: 13. Troubleshoot any connection issues 14. Ensure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network 15. Restart your Roku device if needed

6: 16. Check for software updates on both devices 17. Enable notifications for screen mirroring updates 18. Reach out to Roku customer support for help

7: 19. Explore screen mirroring apps for additional features 20. Share photos and videos from your phone to TV 21. Project your phone screen to show content to others

8: 22. Use screen mirroring for video calls and online meetings 23. Share your screen for collaborative work projects 24. Enhance your viewing experience with screen mirroring

9: 25. Stay connected and entertained with screen mirroring 26. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of streaming on the big screen 27. Make the most of your Roku device with screen mirroring features.