1: Homemade weight loss juice can help you shed 10kg in just 21 days. Try these juice recipes to kickstart your weight loss journey.

2: Lemon ginger detox juice is a powerful combination that aids in weight loss. Drink this juice daily for maximum results.

3: Green detox juice is packed with nutrients and antioxidants, making it effective for weight loss. Include this juice in your daily diet plan.

4: Carrot apple beet juice is not only delicious but also helps in shedding excess weight. Add this juice to your weight loss regimen.

5: Pineapple cucumber mint juice is a refreshing and effective drink for weight loss. Enjoy this juice as a snack or with your meals.

6: Spinach kale celery juice is a nutrient-dense drink that can aid in weight loss. Include this juice in your daily routine for best results.

7: Cucumber celery parsley juice is a hydrating and detoxifying drink that supports weight loss. Drink this juice to boost your metabolism.

8: Apple pear spinach juice is a flavorful and nutritious drink that promotes weight loss. Incorporate this juice into your daily meal plan.

9: Beetroot carrot orange juice is a vibrant and tasty concoction that aids in weight loss. Kickstart your day with this juice for optimal results.