1: Gina Torres stars in Pearson, the Suits spin-off. Her character, Jessica Pearson, is a force to be reckoned with.

2: Jessica Pearson navigates the world of Chicago politics in Pearson, showing her resilience and determination.

3: Torres portrays Pearson as a fierce and powerful woman who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

4: From the boardroom to the courtroom, Jessica Pearson proves time and time again that she is unstoppable.

5: Pearson showcases six scenes where Jessica Pearson's strength and cunning shine through.

6: Torres' captivating performance as Pearson leaves audiences in awe of her character's tenacity.

7: With Pearson, Gina Torres brings Jessica Pearson's compelling story to life in a new and thrilling way.

8: Fans of Suits will be captivated by Pearson's focus on Jessica Pearson's journey outside of the firm.

9: Watch as Gina Torres brings Jessica Pearson to new heights in Pearson, a must-watch for fans of strong female leads.