1: Empire Spinoff Cancelled: Taraji P Henson's Cookie won't be returning in new series.

2: Fans Disappointed: Fox decides not to move forward with Taraji P Henson's spinoff.

3: Cookie Lyon's Future: Empire fans saddened by cancellation of Taraji P Henson's show.

4: Spinoff Backstory: Details on why Fox chose not to proceed with Cookie's new show.

5: Actress's Reaction: Taraji P Henson shares her thoughts on Empire spinoff cancellation.

6: Empire Legacy: Taraji P Henson's iconic character Cookie Lyon's journey comes to an end.

7: Fan Outrage: Empire viewers express disappointment over cancellation news.

8: Taraji P Henson Moves On: Actress sets her sights on new projects post-Empire spinoff.

9: Cookie Lyon's Farewell: Fans bid goodbye to Taraji P Henson's beloved character on Empire.