1: 1. Anne Hathaway's iconic performance in "The Devil Wears Prada" will have you laughing at her comedic timing. 2. In "Les Misérables," Hathaway's heartbreaking rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" will make you cry. 3. Hathaway's magical transformation in "Ella Enchanted" will make you swoon.

2: 4. Hathaway's hilarious portrayal of a klutzy princess in "The Princess Diaries" will have you laughing. 5. Hathaway's emotional range in "Becoming Jane" will bring tears to your eyes. 6. Hathaway's charming chemistry with Jake Gyllenhaal in "Love & Other Drugs" will make you swoon.

3: 7. Hathaway's comedic genius shines in "The Intern," making you laugh throughout the film. 8. Hathaway's powerful performance in "Rachel Getting Married" will evoke tears and introspection. 9. Hathaway's irresistible charm in "Bride Wars" will make you swoon.

4: 10. Hathaway's role in "Alice in Wonderland" will have you laughing at her quirky portrayal of the White Queen. 11. Hathaway's emotional depth in "Song One" will move you to tears. 12. Hathaway's romantic chemistry with Jim Sturgess in "One Day" will make you swoon.

5: 13. Hathaway's comedic timing in "Ocean's 8" will have you in stitches. 14. Hathaway's heartbreaking performance in "The Last Thing He Wanted" will leave you in tears. 15. Hathaway's captivating presence in "Havoc" will make you swoon.

6: 16. Hathaway's witty portrayal in "Get Smart" will have you laughing out loud. 17. Hathaway's emotional range in "Passengers" will tug at your heartstrings. 18. Hathaway's on-screen chemistry with Matthew McConaughey in "Interstellar" will make you swoon.

7: 19. Hathaway's comedic flair in "Valentine's Day" will have you chuckling. 20. Hathaway's poignant performance in "The Intern" will bring tears to your eyes. 21. Hathaway's romantic scenes with Steve Carell in "Get Smart" will make you swoon.

8: 22. Hathaway's brilliant portrayal in "Colossal" will have you laughing and gasping in surprise. 23. Hathaway's emotional journey in "The Dark Knight Rises" will leave you in tears. 24. Hathaway's magnetic on-screen presence in "Becoming Jane" will make you swoon.

9: 25. Hathaway's comedic chops in "Bride Wars" will have you in stitches. 26. Hathaway's powerful performance in "The Princess Diaries" will evoke tears of joy. 27. Hathaway's undeniable chemistry with Hugh Jackman in "Les Misérables" will make you swoon.