1: Rare Dime Discovered in Grandfather's Attic Valued at 25 Million

2: Bicentennial Quarter Found in Old Coin Collection Fetches 30 Million at Auction

3: Rare Dime Unearthed in Backyard Turns Out to be Worth 28 Million

4: Surprise Discovery: Rare Bicentennial Quarter Found in Couch Cushions Sells for 26 Million

5: Incredible Find: Rare Dime Found in Antique Store Bin Valued at 27 Million

6: Lucky Day: Rare Bicentennial Quarter Discovered in Parking Lot Fetches 29 Million

7: Hidden Treasure: Rare Dime Found in Wall Cavity Sells for 31 Million

8: Unexpected Windfall: Rare Bicentennial Quarter Found Under Floorboard Worth 25 Million

9: Priceless Rarity: Rare Dime Found in Storage Unit Nets Owner 30 Million